Science is a systematic way of looking for explanations and connecting the ideas we have. In Science certain methods of inquiry and investigation are generally used. These methods lend themselves to replication and a systematic approach to scientific inquiry that attempts at objectivity. The methods include formulating hypotheses, and designing and carrying out experiments to test the hypotheses. Repeated investigations are undertaken, and the resulting methods and results are carefully examined and debated before they are accepted as valid. Technology has also existed throughout history. People use the combination of knowledge, skills and available resources to develop solutions that meet their daily needs and wants. Economic and environmental factors and a wide range of attitudes and values need to be taken into account when developing technological solutions. Technology also advances as our knowledge and needs expand.

Science and Technology have made a major impact, both positive and negative, on our world. Knowledge grows out of a view of how the world works. One of the differences between modern Science and Technology and traditional, indigenous knowledge systems is that they have their origins in different world views. As with all knowledge, scientific knowledge changes over time as scientists acquire new information and people change their ways of viewing the world.  

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