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CAPS for Foundation Phase in Mathematics Grade 2: Driving the Adoption of Digital Transformation and eLearning Programmes in Schools.

Mathematics in the Foundation Phase covers five content areas. Each content area contributes to the acquisition of specific skills.
  1. Numbers, Operations and Relationships
  2. Patterns, Functions and Algebra
  3. Space and Shape (Geometry)
  4. Measurement
  5. Data Handling (Statistics)
Foundation Phase Mathematics forges the link between the child’s pre-school life and life outside school on the one hand, and the abstract Mathematics of the later grades on the other hand. In the early grades children should be exposed to mathematical experiences that give them many opportunities “to do, talk and record” their mathematical thinking. The amount of time spent on Mathematics has a decisive impact on learners’ development of mathematical concepts and skills. The activities learners engage in should, however, not be “keep busy” activities, but should be clearly focused on the mathematics as outlined in the curriculum.

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