CAPS for Further Education and Training Phase in Mathematics Grade 10: Driving the Adoption of Digital Transformation and eLearning Programmes in Schools.

Mathematics in the FET Phase covers ten main content areas. Each content area contributes towards the acquisition of the specific skills. The main topics in the FET Phase for Mathematics Curriculum:
  1. Functions
  2. Number Patterns, Sequences, Series
  3. Finance, growth and decay
  4. Algebra
  5. Differential Calculus
  6. Probability
  7. Euclidean Geometry and Measurement
  8. Analytical Geometry
  9. Trigonometry
  10. Statistics
The subject Mathematics in the Further Education and Training Phase forges the link between the Senior Phase and the Higher/Tertiary Education band. All learners passing through this phase acquire a functioning knowledge of the Mathematics that empowers them to make sense of society. It ensures access to an extended study of the mathematical sciences and a variety of career paths. In the FET Phase, learners should be exposed to mathematical experiences that give them many opportunities to develop their mathematical reasoning and creative skills in preparation for more abstract mathematics in Higher/ Tertiary Education institutions.

Course Currilcum