Life Orientation is central to the holistic development of learners. It addresses skills, knowledge and values for the personal, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of learners, and is concerned with the way in which these facets are interrelated. Life Orientation guides and prepares learners for life and its possibilities and equips them for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society.


Life Orientation aims to:  1) Guide learners to achieve their full physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential;  2) Develop learners’ skills to respond to challenges and play an active and responsible role in the economy and society;  3) Teach learners to exercise their constitutional rights and responsibilities and to respect the rights of others;  4) Guide learners to make informed and responsible decisions about their health, environment, subject choices, further studies and careers; and  5) Provide opportunities for learners to demonstrate an understanding of, and participate in activities that promote movement and physical development.

Course Currilcum