FET Phase (Grade 10 -12)

Senior Phase (Grade 7-9)

Intermediate Phase (Grade 4-6)

Foundation Phase (Grade R-3)

  • Life Orientation Grade 11

    January 14,2021 / 0 Comments

    What is Life Orientation? Life Orientation is the study of the self in relation to others and to...

  • Economics Grade 10

    January 09,2021 / 0 Comments

    Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, governments and other organisations within...

  • Life Orientation Grade 9

    January 24,2021 / 0 Comments

    CURRICULUM Life Orientation is central to the holistic development of learners. It addresses...

  • English First Additional Language Grade 5

    January 28,2021 / 0 Comments

    The First Additional Language refers to a language which is not a mother tongue but which is used...

  • IsiZulu Ulimi Lokwengeza Grade 4

    January 28,2021 / 0 Comments

    ULimi Lokuqala Lokwengeza lususelwa olimini okungelona ulimi lwebebe kodwa olusetshenziselwa...

  • Nautical Science Grade 11

    January 14,2021 / 0 Comments

    Nautical Science is the study of the nautical aspects of the maritime environment used in...

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