Digital Transformation with VirtualX

VirtualX now offers accounting tutoring services for the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements grades 12.

VirtualX manages the engagements, collaborations and interactions between the tutor, a learner and a parent – giving full control of the services rendered by the tutor to the learner.

All activities are recorded and managed by VirtualX:
1. Timetable
2. Appointments
3. Bookings
4. Attendance
5. Time management
5. Grading
6. Reporting

The parent is able to view the progress and performance of the child – without being part of the sessions. Every activity is integrated and automated according to the specific requirements and the needs of the parent and the child.

With VirtualX, tutors will now have a better understanding of how best their educational material is received by the leaners.

Similarly, parents, for the first time, will be in a positioning to understand the potential of the child according to the preferences and strengths, an evidence-based educational approach on improving curriculum innovation frameworks in schools.

Furthermore, VirtualX will provide the learner with full access to the recorded tutorial sessions in a secured manner – every recorded session is accessible only to the learner with full credentials and authorizations for the tutorials.

The pricing plans for accounting tutoring grades 12 per child:
1. R245 per hour
2. R1165 for a 5 hour package
3. R2205 for a 10 hour package
4. R4165 for a 20 hour package

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