CAPS Framework

Accelerating digital transformation and curriculum innovations in schools.


Digital transformation and eLearning programme designed for instructors, educators, tutors, and students including parents and institutions or organizations.

FET Phase

CAPS for FET Phase from Grade 10 to 12.

Intermediate Phase

CAPS for Intermediate Phase from Grade 4 to 6.

Senior Phase

CAPS for Senior Phase from Grade 7 to 9.

Foundation Phase

CAPS for Foundation Phase from Grade 1 to 3.


CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) Framework & Digital Transformation Programmes In Schools.


Integrated approach to curriculum innovation framework in schools
 “Collaborative, cooperative and
coordinated programme

eLearning 4.0

Our course programme supports the models for achieving learning outcomes according to the CAPS framework as a single, comprehensive, and concise policy guidelines for all subjects offered through eLearning 4.0 platform.

The curriculum is designed specifically for the full course programme covering all four CAPS phases for the department of basic education. We seek to address the future of education through the adoption of the 4th industrialization programmes in schools.

In support of an integrated approach to community building organizations, a special course training and skills development module is included specifically to enable the youth in the districts to become relevant with the new economic landscape.

 The plan’s central goals are improving curriculum innovation framework and expanding employment opportunities.